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Jiangsu Taiyang Reducer Co。, Ltd。 is engaged in designing, developing and strengthening reducer manufacturers, gear box manufacturers, advanced processing equipment, exquisite technology, rich production experience and after-sales service, product quality reliability 99。5%。

The company produces a variety of general product series of large non-standard gearboxes, reinforced hard surface reducer, medium and hard surface reducer, soft surface reducer, planetary reducer, cycloidal pinwheel reducer, three-ring reducer, and so on. With the development of transmission technology in the world, our company has introduced a brand new design concept. The company can also design and manufacture all kinds of reinforced reducers and non-standard reducers according to the needs of users.

The company is well known for its management, quality, technology, products and services throughout the country, and its economic and technological indicators have continued to grow for six consecutive years. "Taiyang" brand reducer has become "121" in Jiangsu Province, China's reducer industry, which focuses on protecting famous and high-quality products and satisfying products for users throughout the country. It has won the favor of national key projects, key enterprises and key projects. Enterprises have won the honorary titles of scientific management of advanced enterprises, key enterprises to create famous brands, advanced enterprises to manage township enterprises and civilized units in Jiangsu Province.

Metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, paper-making machinery, cement machinery, lifting machinery, rubber machinery, conveying machinery, brick and tile machinery, port machinery and other domestic manufacturers supporting, products are widely used in Shougang, Angang, Xuan Steel, Jigang, Laigang, Qilu Petrochemical, China Aluminum Industry, Pangang and other large-scale national enterprises. Over the years, with stable technology and thoughtful after-sales service, it has won the praise of users.

Jiangsu Taiyang Reducer Co., Ltd. is located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, which is the hometown of the national reducer. The Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Ningtong Expressway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Ningjingyan Expressway and Yangtze Expressway converge on the west side of the company. There are Yangzhou Airport, Tai-Yixing Motor Vehicle, which can transfer to Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou, Taixing-Changzhou River Passage, Lukou Airport in Nanjing in the west, Jiangyin Bridge in the south, convenient transportation, smooth logistics, a plain area without mountains and forests, without any natural disasters, with unique geographical advantages.

The company will follow its consistent quality commitment, service commitment and reputation commitment, customer satisfaction as our pursuit!

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